Wizards Within Testimonials

We hold a monthly Drawing, to which a donation is required for $5.00 (US Currency) or more to enter the drawing. We (Wizards Within), Provide one of the many readings to a winners choosing. The readings value from $10.00 to over $125.00 value. You can choose any one of them. Also the means to which you would like to receive the reading. ex: zoom, Facebook messenger, Skype, email. Donations are through


The readings are as follow:

Astrology, Tarot, Shustah, Palmistry, Yearly Forecast (done with regular cards), Numerology

We had our First Winner! Tarot was the choice. We asked for feedback, so others can view some results of the service we provided. It is with great pleasure that we share it here with you.

Diane B.

First of all I would like to thank you for drawing my name to be the lucky winner to receive a reading. An absolute honor.

Sprinkles, what can I say, except, WoWee!! You nailed it!
Your reading was spot on and I do mean to the point..You mentioned something about an offer coming in within a 4 day/4 wk period. Well, I can tell you after we had finished our session, I checked my mailbox and I had a letter that stated that I would have an answer to a legal issue in the next 4 wks.
You also said I need to reread through some paperwork I have, but wasn’t sure what that pertained to. I will say, that it was my paperwork for the legal issue..You hit on so many things even my self-doubting my abilities, which by the way are no being laid to rest. Yaay lol
The rest of your reading is yet to be confirmed and in saying that, I have no doubt it will also be on point.
I definitely recommend donating in a Wizards Within chance to win a reading..
Thanks again Patricia & Jan

Christine W.

Thank you, Sprinkles for my reading this past week. You were right on the money about my car, a belt did need replacing. Sprinkles has excellent insight.