Surprise Your Spirit

I am a natural born medium who is a double empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. What exactly is a double empath? This means that I connect directly to people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as to the physical sensations that other people feel throughout their body. Clairvoyance means that I receive images in my third eye / mind’s eye that I interpret into messages. Clairaudience means that I directley hear messages in word or sentence form from Spirit through Angels or Guides. Clairsentience means that I just know the answer, that I have a “gut” feeling. I have been gifted with “sight” as far back as I can remember. I have used my guidance from Spirit over the past 30 years to help me flow effortlessly through life helping me to face and overcome many challenges because of the phenomenal heads up and guidance Spirit shared with me about each situation. I directly connect to the Spirit realm to bring you messages to allow you to become more aware of options, choices and possibilities in your life. As a teenager I became aware of how different I was of others as I could seem to feel and hear others thoughts. I also had a tendency to know answers about subjects in school that I had never heard of before but not really knowing how I knew answers just knowing I knew them. I often explained to people that I had a “photographic” memory as I had no other way to explain how I knew things that I shouldn’t know anything about. I also realized that I really disliked numbers and seemed to become easily frustrated when it came to subjects with numbers,card games or any filing tasks involving numbers; it wasn’t until recent years that I became aware that Spirit was giving me messages through number sequences.

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Surprise Your Spirit 4/12/18

Kendras special guest Lily Sanders

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With Special guest Nicky Trimboy 22118

With Special Guest Richard Gordon   2/8/2018

With Special guest(s) The Sheroes   SurpriseYourSpirit 1/18/2018

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