Sprinkles Services

I love to create and love it,  even more, when people enjoy the creations. Please take a look and if there is something you would like for me to create for you please let me know.

Below are just samples to give you an idea of possibilities. I do hope you enjoy!


  1.   Readings  (3 options) Palmistry $15, Tarot  $50, Forecasting  $ 75 for  6 mo. or $125 for yearly.
  2.  Banners and/or Buttons $20.00 ea.  
  3.  Posters $45.00 ea.
  4.  Audios  $50.00
  5.  Promo Videos $75.00
  6.  Animations  $75.00
    ( Samples are below)


Palmistry: the reading of lines in the palm.  Palm reading is similar to a character or personality reading. It does, however, point certain times or events. The left palm will indicate what was meant to be and the right palm in what you use your free will to make changes or any changes.

Both Palms $10.00



When I read for others I usually do not ask a question or have questions asked. Except for knowing if you want me to focus on and area, ex: home, work, relationship, travel etc. I will ask if you would like a general reading or an area to focus on. I would be happy at the end of a reading to see if your questions have been answered. If not.. then what is given is what is needed to know. But I can and will look to see if your question is revealed.

Tarot 30 min. $50.00

 Forecast reading by sprinkles is a new concept of regular Deck of Cards. It incorporates the Planetary periods that gives two looks into , the yearly or 6 month period forecast. You will learn what your ‘Birth Card is’ and What your ‘Ruling Planet Card’ has to say about you. You’ll have a look of what is coming up into various areas that the planets reveal. So like an Astrological chart, it too, will have insight for what will be coming up for you. The forecasting can be done for a 6 mo. period or the yearly period.
You can choose the date to start and choose what length. Some can have a past view others may want to seek what is coming up. Each reading can have a summary of a six month and/or yearly forecast.. I have had some very favorable feedback and hope future participants will be happy with it too. So, if interested the Six Month Forecast is $25.00. The yearly is $50.00 Both are reasonable prices suggested by those already participating.
There will be a deposit that is not refundable. $10.00 for the 6 mo. and $20.00 for the yearly. Deposits will go towards your purchase. Remaining payment balance is due prior to you receiving the Forecast. Which I will let you know when it is ready. It takes me at least a three – five day period to produce the forecast. So hence the deposit. Lot of typing and lot of researching to bring the best for your forecast.

Please fill out the form for either the 6 month forecast or the yearly forecast. 
                                                                             Six months                                                                                                 






   Customized Banners $20.00 ea. 




POSTERS $45.00

OTC reading night timeless
Non-profit poster
brings it together



AUDIOS  $50.00


Off the Cuff E-zine intro

Wednesday Whispers with Peg Jones



$ 75.00





Animations $75.00  (includes 15 min. Consultation)  click on pic