Reading Night Recordings

sprinkles and Peg for TJ

TJ for Stu

Tere for Stu

Sprinkles for Stu

Reading for Mystik 32917



We are required by law to provide a disclaimer. We must mention that OTC is not liable for what or how our readings or advice is taken or perceived. We are most conscientious and our services are genuinely from our heart. We hope that we can be of help to you and those you love.   Please know that there is nothing written in stone, so your choices and decisions are yours and yours alone, we take no responsibility for your choices and/or decisions . We do not have control over your ‘Own Will’ and results of those said choices and decision. All advice or consultations/guidance are just that . You take full responsibility for any and all results that you apply . We are not liable for any of those actions or choices. Also please note* Recordings will stay on the site for alimited time, So if you want your reading “download it.” For it will be removed by the following month , first Thursday. Thank you for Sharing with us!


4 thoughts on “Reading Night Recordings”

  1. Thank you for the amazing readings I had from both Sprinkles and Peg on March 12th. I was wondering if the recordings are going to be posted. I’m anxious to listen to them again. Thank you!

    1. Pamela, I’m so sorry but that night the recording didnt take. However we will be having reading night again and I assure you it will work this time. We are updating the site and look forward to more events and sessions.

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