Pegs Services

Welcome and please have a look around. We hope you enjoy some of these Services and please feel free to connect with us on the contact page, Should you be interested in any of the below services.

Events at the OFF THE CUFF CHAT ROOM with Peg Jones, ALC

Angel Card readings.

Bring your cards and inspiration

An evening with Archangel Gabriel   

Guidance for getting through the Holidays with Archangel Gabriel.   There will be messages.

OFF THE CUFF Consultation fees.    Free 15-minute consult, for applying to the magazine as a columnist. If you feel you need further consulting, there will be a charge.
Mentoring with Peg Jones

Pegs services

Readings and Reports with Peg Jones

12-month reading…….a card for each month and then a final card, for what are the possibilities for the year ahead. Special Price is for up to December 9th is 55.00.   This reading usually takes 45 mins to an hour and the price is 66.00 for past students.12-card-angelSoul Potential… Do you know what you would like to working in your life or are you looking for a purpose at this time; This reading will help with the focus of where you might be going towards and also some clues as to how you can continue or get to where you want to be heading for.$55.00 for the reading. It’s about a 45-minute reading
Past Present Future    Good one for a statement of where you have been, and where you may be heading to for your future    $48.00

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Channeled Message from one of 3 Archangels with 2 questionsPrice 88.00.  This will be a written message and can take over an hour.  This month you can request a message from Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and


Archangel MichaelClasses  10 Week Living and Learning with the Angels  You will be working a different Angel each week, for the next 10 weeks.  You can go to my website to check out the class. You can begin at any time, with me on a weekly basis.   I will be offering this class again in January of 2017
Angelic Life coaching/mentoring: I help you to work out the issues and concerns of your life, with the guidance of the Angels.  Self-empowerment and healing, are all part of the process.  Check out my website