Monthly Drawing Readings

What do the readings in the drawing consist of?

Please note* that all readings are guidance. Nothing is written in stone. You have “FREE WILL” to accept or not accept what is given.  We assume no power over  you or anyone else other than ourselves. The guidance is given with all intentions of being of help. We would love your feedback should you become a winner in this drawing.

(To set a reading time and place, it has to be set within 2 weeks from winners notification, of being a winner. Where by winner will then have winning reading cancelled due to non-compliance within a timely manner. So, please confirm by setting the date and time for your winning reading). Much love, and blessings to all.


With such a variety of areas to choose from Jan will tell you all the means she does with Astrology. Birth Charts, Solar Charts, Progressive, etc, etc,


This reading is done with a deck of ordinary cards. You will receive your Birth card and this card will reveal about you and your personal relationships. It is important to know your Birth Card for it is the single most important of your personal signification. This reading also consists of your Planetary Cards, which will signify that at times, some people act more like their Planetary card then the Birth Card

Year -long influence cards are your Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, and Displacement. These are the most powerful Cards in your yearly spread.  Pay special attention to the specific messages each of these cards have.  You will receive dates that apply to your reading. The long range card gives you the bigger picture of what this year is about for you.

Each card will indicate a particularly time or environment that you may face. The purpose of this reading is to give you a view of what may or may not work out, for you are the sole purpose of your own free will. The reading provided is with hopes of shining a little light for you to make the best decisions and choices for your coming year.


Numerology is basically the study of numbers and the way that numbers are implemented into daily life. When a person receives a numerology reading, the reading is based off of several significant numbers that the person has come across during his/her lifetime.

People who believe in numerology believe that numbers have an impact on relationships, health, career, marriage in general. Numerology is a science of numbers and very effective in tracing the lifetime events of an individual. Numerology Prediction is an in depth study of numbers.


This reading consists of 10 cards. The positions of the cards indicate the following area. The base of which is what involves.(you). Three cards what is coming to you. 3 cards indicating what reactions will take place from you.  Four cards consisting of the very essence of which all comes from. Also, the outcome, and what will lead to the outcome. What is on the mind, your feelings and base of which all springs forward. Should you have a question when reading is done? I will look to see if the answer is there. (If, I had not touched on it). Please note that I ask no questions other than the following when doing a reading. One is, if you can validate it connected (resonates), (this is so I can move forward with the reading).

Shustah Reading:

The Pages of Shustah is a deck of Divination and Meditation cards developed and created in the early 1970s by Ann Maser and Cecil North. The Deck consists of 70 cards divided into 5 suits, with 14 cards in each suit.

The word “Shustah” comes from ancient Sanskrit, and means the footsteps back to god. These footsteps comprise parts of the ancient mystery teachings, including Holy Qabalah, Astrology, cosmology, color therapy, meditation, spiritual evolution and spiritual enlightenment.  As such, the Pages of Shustah were specifically designed to be used as both a meditation tool–for psychic development, and a divination tool–for obtaining wisdom and guidance.

The Pages of Shustah bear some similarities to the Tarot in that they were both derived from the same ancient source.  In place of the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot, the Shustah include a 5th suit of 14 astrological cards–12 cards representing each individual sign of the Zodiac, a Destiny Card, and a card that represent “The Self.” 


Pics of sides of the palms from, the tip of pinky (little finger) to the wrist. (Giving it a slight curvature)

Here you will receive a two palm reading. What is needed is pictures of your palms, The pictures have to be open palm of two hands. Please make sure the wrist can be seen in the pic.

 A close up as much as possible in order to see the lines and markings.

These pics will help me to see clearly what is in the palms and markings of the palm. You will be told which palm, is what you were meant to do in this life time.  And which palm, is how you are applying your will, to make things come about. Changes, that you may have  applied. If you, shall choose to do so.. The reading will cover all of the lines and marking that will be able to be seen. It will also show the planets where the markings may consist. The main lines are the Life lines, Head line, Love line and Marriage line. Children line, and  more. The markings will indicate a variety of things that are seen. The fingers will also tell the following whether you make decisions with heart , intellect, and/or if it is made with a practical decision making. Some markings can indicate that of a healer or a psychic, luck and sister lines. How your ego is applied, how you relate to loved ones and if you travel or even if at a particular sign where you are sensitive to others. The meaning of the shape of your palm and the color of palm is important too.

There is so much more that can be seen within a hand, its shape and contour and so much more. Give it a try! I can assure you it is a most interesting reading.

For this chosen reading . Please send the pics to WizardsWithin@