Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers:

We will constantly update as more and more questions come in. Please remember we are here to help you. If your question is not in here, please go to the contact form and send it in. Thank you.

Q: What is your policy on refunds?
A: No Refunds.

Q: Is there a deadline that all submissions have to be submitted?
A: Yes. The posted deadline is on the first page of this site.

Q: Do you have submission guidelines, including formatting?
A: Yes, we can accept, Word, and PDF. JPG for pictures and head shots.
The font that is used is “Times New Roman” by default, unless another is requested.
All contents must be complete and in before deadline that is posted.

Q: What size pictures are accepted?
A: Photos are 125×125 for headshots.   Photos (other then headshots) 400×300

Q: What size logo is accepted ?
A: Logos/Poster can be anywhere from 125×125 up to half the size of a page. Not more then half the size of page.

Q: Can a 2 page article have links in that you would pay for?
A: No, The 2 page article consists of 125×125 headshot/Logo and text on the two pages.

Q: What if my logo already has my link on it?
A: That is acceptable and considered as the logo itself.

Q: Do you charge to make a logo or a poster ?
A: Yes. We charge a fee for that service to make your logo or poster.

Q: If I have urls that I request not to have a link , would there still be a cost?
A: No. there is no cost, except a note would be required with the submittence.

Q: Is there the possibility of place ads, say for a book?
A: yes. Book ads and the text that accompanies the book with a Link would be the same as a logo but 3/4 of a page.

Q: Does Off The Cuff E-zine create the ad or would I have to create the ad?
A: Yes. We can create an ad with your guidance and input.
When we do, we work with you, yes you can design your own ad and we will do our best presenting it.

Q: What do you mean “Article Page”?
A: “Text only” page and fills or is less, then a standard Document page.