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Friday  Pacific Noon/   MT 1:00 PM / CT 2:00 PM/  Est. 3:00 PM / UK 8:00 PM

 Are you trying to break through to the next stage of your Soul Evolution?
Awakening Hearts with Tess Vergara is a conversation on what matters most…
And what matters most is… YOU
Your Heart’s Desires… And Your Soul’s Deepest Yearnings

It’s a conversation about the AWAKENINGS you are experiencing that no one is talking about.

Your host, Tess Vergara will bring to you a very grounded and practical path to integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being-ness, to reigniting back to life all that is lying dormant within, and offer different perspectives and ways of looking at things that will lighten your heart, clear your mind and free your spirit.

Each show will focus on how to come back to wholeness, integrity and body, mind, spirit alignment.

Whether you are a student, a stay at home parent or a CEO juggling business and family deeply yearning for clarity, connection and sense of peace, joy, fulfillment, and you will have lots of laughter and awakenings with Awakening Hearts with Tess Vergara.


Tess Vergara awakens hearts worldwide through her unique coaching programs and teachings. Her story of overcoming spiritual depression, neediness and self-abandonment to becoming the powerful healer and teacher she is today is an inspiration to many all over the world. Known for her “no parts left behind” integrative approach to wholeness, she shows men and women that 1) they are not broken, and 2) they hold the power in their own heart to transmute the yearning for connection into power and enlightenment – a potent combination in today’s disconnected world. Author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart”, a master life coach, Strategic Interventionist, NLP practitioner, and an expert in higher self-awakening and enlightenment, her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart.

Friday 10:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM/Central / Noon Eastern/ 5:00 PM  UK

7/6/18 What kind of energy will you wear?

6/8/18 “Moving into a new world without going nuts.”

5/25/18 Perfection-ism



topic: “From Cosmic 2×4 to Cosmic Coincidences”


topic: Truth 

First show of the year