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Keeps Calling

Ok, I had officially retired. so a lot of things were let go. Yet I continue to hear my calling. Maybe a fresh start? Trying things differently? Not sure, yet here I remain. Where will it take me. Would it be a help to others? Will another journey be fulfilled?  Taking it slow and hope that all others give time to themselves and perhaps allow me to share here and there.  Not sure what is on this fresh path, but hearing the call is hard to resist.  Listen, and you will hear it too!

Lots of Love


Rooted In Well-Being 12/13/18


Thursday 4:30 pm

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Join your host DR. Anne Kelty and her very special guest

 Tina Iron Bird (TEAna)

Star Teachings Society is a non-profit organization created in accordance with laws of the State of Maine in July 2013. Our mission is to cultivate, nurture and foster community in order to spread kindness and compassion and share knowledge and technology from ancient wisdom known as Star Teachings. The basic premise of Star Teachings is the practice of kindness and compassion. The teachings help us recognize we are all capable of being teachers of kindness and compassion in our simplest thoughts and actions. When we practice kindness and compassion we become resonant as a community . When we become resonant as a community our full potential as humans becomes available.

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Wizards Within hopes to share enlightening topics and uplifting discussions. Would you like to know more?
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Wednesday 9 pm EST.

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Rooted in Well-Being

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